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Riot will be testing Clash on PBE on March 21

On March 21, Riot is hosting a Clash test in hopes of hunting down an elusive bug.

Riot Games

We’ve been waiting a pretty long time for Clash to come to live servers, but it looks like there’s still a particularly sneaky bug that’s keeping the game mode out of the hands of most players.

That’s a problem Riot hopes to correct on March 21, with a giant test on the Public Beta Environment, where they want as many people as possible to try out Clash so they can get a little more information on the bug. In order to further incentive players to log in for the test, Riot is also giving away a three win XP boost for the main account of anyone that helps out on the PBE.

All you have to do to participate is download the PBE and log in, then create a team with four other players. Get your team a ticket from the in-game store, log in before the tournament begins at 6:30 p.m. EST, and play a couple of games with friends.

Riot’s announcement post is careful to note that this is very different from what Clash will be like when it launch on live, since skill based matchmaking is going to be disabled on the PBE version. This is to help ensure quick matches and as many games as possible to help Riot find the bug that’s holding Clash back.