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Check out the latest Irelia rework trailer

She shows off her new abilities and takes on the armies of Noxus.

Riot Games

Riot has been teasing Irelia’s rework for the last couple of days now and the full reveal trailer is finally here.

Tweeted by the League of Legends Twitter account early on Monday morning, the new video shows that Irelia’s signature weapon is now officially gone. Instead, Irelia seems to be more of a blade dancer, controlling an army of knives with her mind and using them to do her bidding.

Though we don’t have official ability descriptions yet, this new video does give us some strong hints at what Irelia’s new reworked abilities might do. In the trailer it seems that the only ability to have survived the rework is some version of her Bladesurge ability, other than that things look all new.

One ability definitely allows her throw a dagger she can bring back in, another marks targets for her to damage, and one more looks like it allows Irelia to create a shield of blade that she then throws out in front of her. Finally, her ultimate appears to have her throw out an arena of daggers, though it’s unclear what exactly that might do.

According to the trailer, Irelia is going to be released in Patch 8.7, which means that her kit should be revealed Tuesday, when she goes up on the Public Beta Environment for testing.