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Irelia’s rework teased in new video (update)

She still seems determined.

Update 2: Riot has released another teaser showing her new kit in action, which you can check out here!

Update: A teaser from the German League of Legends Twitter has also revealed her theme song, as well as what seems to be her new splash art!

Irelia’s rework has officially been teased on Friday with the release of a video featuring art and a voice over.

The champion doesn’t seem too different from what we have now. She has her long hair with the middle part, lots of blades, and a stern and fierce personality when it comes to fighting for her homeland.

The video also gives us a peek into Ionia’s background, showing how Irelia and the rest of the Ionian people would dance until “tyrants” defiled it. Based on older lore, we can assume this is Noxus, seeing how we also know that Irelia is responsible for Swain’s missing hand.

We’ve known about Irelia’s rework for quite a while now. Riot has said in the past that the company is happy with her Bladesurge ability, but the rest of her kit is in need of a change. Either way, we’re looking forward to what nerfs she’ll be getting once she eventually gets revealed and released.

With this teaser, we can probably expect more details on Irelia to show up on the Public Beta Environment soon, with a release sometime around Patch 8.7.