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New marksman champion teased through Rift Herald interaction

RIP Rift Herald.

In the last Champion Roadmap we saw, Riot noted that the next champion is going to be a marksman that does best deep in enemy lines and plays similarly to Vayne. On the live servers, there is now an eerie map interaction that occurs, hinting at the new champion.

If the Rift Herald despawns instead of being taken by either team, a projectile shoots out of a purple glow in the walls and kills it instead.

The purple glow is similar to the bizarre gate that we saw in the Champion Roadmap. Since this is happening with the Rift Herald, a void monster, in the pit where Baron Nashor spawns, which is also from the Void, this could be a definite confirmation that we should be expecting a Void marksman. (Move over, Kog’Maw.)

Riot Games

This isn’t the first time we’ve had Summoner’s Rift interactions hint at a new champ, with random Zoe bubbles hitting champions as they load in and Tahm Kench murmuring in the river.

If a champion is being teased like this, that can only mean that we’ll be getting more info on them in the coming weeks.