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Jungle items are getting updated and removed

Skirmishing Saber is also gone!

Riot Games

Jungle items have been reworked more times than I can count but hey, why not one more? A bunch of changes are on its way to jungle items over on the 8.4 Public Beta Environment. While the main changes are happening to Tracker’s Knife currently, other jungle items will be affected as well.

Tracker’s Knife is getting mixed in with Stalker’s Blade completely.


This tooltip may look overwhelming, and to be honest with you it is. The Pathfinder’s Knife now does ... a lot.

The Pathfinder’s Knife no longer drops actual wards. Instead, you expend charges to drop control wards. This is a big change that could potentially hurt champions like Lee Sin or Jax who use their wards for mobility as well as vision. However, killing a large monster does add a charge to your blade, meaning you don’t have to base if you want more wards.

Chilling Smite now also lives on Pathfinder’s Knife. This does exactly what it used to on Stalker’s Blade, it just doesn’t require a unique upgrade anymore.

With the combination of these two jungle items, we’re left wondering about the fate of the jungle in terms of itemization.

Rick Maher, a game designer at Riot, answered some questions on Twitter about this change and we learned ... not much more. It seems that Saber and Blade are both gone.

Changes to the PBE are still coming in and we’ll update this story when we know more.