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Quinn will be getting an update that improves her passive and ultimate

Swoop, caw, and other bird noises.

Riot Games

Quinn has been a problem child for year, not really fitting into any particular role. Well, Riot has announced a light rework. The goal here is to increase Quinn’s late game potential while also decreasing some of her overpowered, early game bullying.

Quinn’s passive, Harrier, will now properly trigger if the auto attack is in flight previous to Valor marking the target.

Her base stats are also getting a shift. Her starting game AD is being taken down but her late game AD scaling is being moved up. This should help keep Quinn relevant as the game ages.

Finally, Quinn’s ultimate is getting an update. In addition to some bug fixes, Quinn’s reactivation of Behind Enemy Lines will mark all enemy champions hit with Harrier. Damaging Quinn while shes channeling will no longer interrupt her. Additionally, the cooldown no longer resets every time Quinn enters combat. If Quinn is damaged by champions or neutral creeps, she will now lose her speed boost. However, minion basic attacks now do nothing to her aside from damage.

These changes are slated to hit the Public Beta Environment soon and live servers sometime after Patch 8.5.