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Voice chat is coming to premade parties soon

These changes have hit the PBE and could be coming as soon as 8.6.

Riot Games

Sick of using Discord with your friends? Well, Riot may have a solution for you in only a few patches. Pre-made party chat is coming to League of Legends.

Before you understand what this voice chat is, it’s important to understand what it isn’t. This is not a way to talk to randos in your game. You will not match into your ranked game and get flamed because you don’t opt in to voice chat with your team. That is, unless some rude-dude drops a Discord link in chat.

Premade party voice chat is exactly what it sounds like. When you enter into a party with someone, you’ll be automatically added into their voice chat. You can then mess with settings and change player volume and all that good stuff. While this is automatic, you can opt out completely if you don’t feel like chatting.

The voice chat persists with your party members through champion select and in the game itself. You’ll have access to a voice chat control panel for that entire time. If you hit “Play Again,” you’ll get dropped into the same party with the same voice chat.

Voice chat has always been a decisive topic for League of Legends, with the community leaning mostly toward the negative for years now. While this is certainly a helpful addition for some players, it could spell scary news for the future. Time will tell, but for now, have fun chattin’ it up with your friends over on the PBE.