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A new rune could be coming to Precision

The true tank buster.

Riot Games

A few weeks ago we wrote about a new, penetration based rune headed to the Resolve tree. Well, in Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon’s recent gameplay thoughts he revealed even more details on this project.

The rune is closer than we thought, with Meddler saying that it could hit the Public Beta Environment sometime this week with the intention of launching in 8.6. The rune itself also appears a little different.

The keystone currently falls into the Precision tree, not Resolve. It also functions similar to Grasp of the Undying, according to Meddler. When the rune is triggered, you’re granted penetration as well as some bonus AD. However, it can only proc after you’ve been in combat for a few seconds.

While the team seems almost ready to ship it, Meddler has dropped in a few thoughts on problems they’re still working through.

  • Is the rune too powerful on ranged champions/should melees get a bonus for using it?
  • When is the appropriate time for the penetration to become true damage?
  • Is it even OK for a Keystone to offer true damage?
  • Is Precision the right tree? Or should it be placed in Resolve since it’s about longer engagements?

Considering that this new rune should be hitting the PBE soon, we should have plenty of time to test it out. Expect it to evolve significantly over its lifetime on the PBE and to release on live servers around patch 8.6.