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Tons of quality of life improvements are coming to Hextech Crafting in Patch 8.5

Mythic and Ultimate skins will unlock automatically!

Riot Games

Riot Games has announced that the company will be releasing some big changes to Hextech Crafting in Patch 8.5.

You won’t have to pay to unlock Mythic and Ultimate skins.

Yep, you won’t have to pay loads of Orange Essence in order to unlock that super-rare skin you got. It’ll unlock automatically and if you already have it, you’ll be able to disenchant it.

All champion shards from Hextech boxes will be worth at least 4800 BE.

No more cheap champions! This also means you’ll be getting more BE if you want to just disenchant your stuff.

Ward skins will now drop with Orange Essence.

You are now still getting a fair amount of Orange Essence and loot total.

Upgrading Champion Mastery will cost less Blue Essence.

Upgrading to Mastery 6 will now cost 2450 BE (down 800) and upgrading to Master 7 will cost 2950 BE (down 950).

You’ll be able to buy cosmetic-only loot boxes in Patch 8.7.

“Masterwork” boxes will be able to be purchased for 165 RP each or 225 RP with a key. There will be no champion shards in these boxes.

You can see the drop rates from Hextech boxes now.

There’s a 50 percent chance you’ll get a skin shard, with everything else broken up in the remaining 50 percent.

All of those quality of life changes aside from the Masterwork boxes should be dropping in Patch 8.5.