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Season 8’s midseason patch could be 8.9

Meddler details some of the possible changes.

Riot Games

In his quick gameplay thoughts post for Feb. 21, Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon dropped some information on this year’s midseason patch.

Because of the sheer size of the preseason in 2017, Riot has stepped away from the massive midseason of yesteryear. Instead, we’ll be getting a lot of balance changes to preseason stuff from now until midseason.

But all of this doesn’t mean that the midseason is completely devoid of big changes. Van Roon expressed that the team is working on some significant changes to the bot lane. While the changes themselves are still somewhat of a mystery, Meddler did express that they would be focusing on champion diversity, or rather the ability to bring more champions bot lane.

Sick of seeing Tristana in ever single one of your bot lane games? Well hey, Riot is too. Look for more information on these changes in the coming weeks and months. While the patch isn’t completely concrete, Meddler did say that Patch 8.9 is their target for midseason.

By our calculations, patch 8.9 should hit around May 2.