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Quinn’s eventual rework could make her less of a lane bully and more of a teamfighter

Meddler doesn’t want to make any promises ... but fingers crossed.

Riot Games

In his Quick Gameplay Thoughts post, Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon finally mentioned the possibility of a Quinn rework. However, he feels that this could be a long process and expressed very clearly in his post that nothing is necessarily being worked on right now. There is no promise that this will actually happen, even if we really want it.

However, we do at least have some idea what the rework would focus on.

Meddler broke out the Quinn dissection into a few, specific points. The first statement he makes is in regard to Quinn’s theme, something he believes is pretty strong. That being said, Meddler doesn’t think the team has ever nailed the fantasy of a Demacian scout. While this is seemingly something they’d like to focus on in a potential rework, we don’t have any idea what form that could take.

The bulk of Meddler’s thoughts have to do with what kind of champion Quinn should actually be. Her current focus has always been that of a lane bully, easily able to bash in her tanky foes top side. However, she’s never able to take that advantage into the late game in any real, meaningful way.

Meddler goes on to suggest that neither of Quinn’s ults (old or current) are particularly satisfying to use. It is here that Meddler suggests something grander in Quinn’s future.

My personal belief is that any significant work on Quinn needs to include making her a more functional team fighter and in exchange wean her somewhat off her laning pattern that leaves opponents she’s good against without much ability to respond. Not necessarily shift her to being a standard marksman, or even a good team fighter, but less skewed than at present. That’s likely a larger task, I’m doubtful we get a meaningful improvement from smaller scope work though.

The post ends with Meddler suggesting that a reversion won’t be helpful here, as old Quinn was just as bad as her most recent iteration. He then apologizes that we don’t have more concrete details of when or even if Quinn will be getting a new rework.

While Meddler’s suggestions here may seem a bit dodgy, history has taught us that Riot usually sticks to their guns when it comes to reworks. We may not see the Quinn rework for a Yorick amount of time, but she’s at least being talked about. With champions as frustratingly bad as Quinn, sometimes it’s just nice to know that Riot is thinking about her.