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Snowdown Showdown 2018 event guide: Missions, crafting and more

You can craft exclusive golden chromas, loading screen borders and more

Snowdown Showdown has officially started, which means it’s time for another missions-based crafting event to grab a skin or emote for free.

There’s loading screen boarders, a golden K/DA Akali skin and other pretty cool loot on the line this year. The model Riot is using for this year’s Snowdown seems very similar to the Worlds event that just ended. It does include a battle pass for maximum token payout and you will need to buy the pass in order to get Akali.

The event has officially started as of Dec. 6 and it will continue until Jan. 7, 2019. To celebrate the holidays, “Your Shop” has launched in game, too, so you can get discounts on skins that the almighty algorithm thinks you might want.

Without further ado, let’s see what we can get this year ...


While this is normally where we’d list the missions, this event’s missions are unlocked on a day-by-day basis. You get one mission unlocked per day and it’ll stay unlocked for about three days.

This means you can’t collect all your free loot in a span of two days.

Completing all of the missions will reward you with 325 Snowdown Tokens and 31 Nexus tokens. 101 additional Nexus Blitz tokens can be unlocked by playing Nexus Blitz missions.

The Nexus Blitz missions do unlock rapidly and have you winning in various events to get tokens.


Snowdown Tokens

Use these to craft loot. They’re your standard token.

Nexus Token

Use these to craft special Nexus Blitz loot. You can craft poro skins, finishers and recall effects for Nexus Blitz!

Prestige K/DA Akali (1800 Snowdown tokens)

Riot Games

If you want this one, you’re going to have to invest a lot of time and money. We have a special guide for this bad boy over here.

Golden chromas and icons (250 Snowdown tokens)

Riot Games

Graves, Irelia, Malzahar, Sivir and Bard all have special golden versions of their previously-released Snowdown skins. They’re just for this event and you get a cute snowman icon for each chroma you unlock.

Snowdown 2018 borders and icons (200 Snowdown tokens)

Riot Games

These are loading screen borders and special icons for the Snowdown skins that released this year for Dr. Mundo, Neeko, Master Yi, Twitch and Soraka.

You can also get these by buying the skin bundles in the shop, so if you’re pinching tokens but would rather spend money for them, you can do that.

Golden Snowman Ward skin (100 Snowdown tokens)

Riot Games

His eyes have seen a lot.

Emotes (75 Snowdown tokens)

Riot Games

The two gingerbread cookies that look like Braum and Draven were from last year’s Snowdown event. The Neeko emote is new!

Crystal Deer icon (25 Snowdown tokens)

Riot Games


Poro pets (70 Nexus tokens)

Riot Games

Get a little poro friend to follow you around the Nexus Blitz map!

Nexus Blitz Finishers (30 Nexus tokens)

Riot Games

Make your opponents really blow up with a finisher. After you kill them, you’ll see a huge effect on the screen.

Recall effects (15 Nexus tokens)

Riot Games

Get cute fireworks and stuff while you recall!


In the shop are loot bundles and capsules that can give you a whole ton of tokens, but the capsules and little baggie have special chances to drop other things!

Snowdown Capsule

Each capsule has three skin shards worth at least 975 RP inside. There’s also a chance to drop a Stocking Stuffer, a Gemstone or a permanent Mythic skin.

Stocking Stuffer

This includes one permanent 1350 RP skin, as well as a permanent ward skin, emote and summoner icon.