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How to get Prestige K/DA Akali

Cop that pass and start grinding

Riot Games

Yet another Prestige skin has dropped, this time for K/DA Akali. Her skin was easily the most favored out of the K/DA bunch, so it only makes sense for her to receive a special version.

The new skin comes decked out in gold and white, with her hair now a peachy red/orange. To get this skin, you’ll have to be on that grind. (Insert flexing and exhaling emojis here.)

Get lucky via Hextech crafting

Yes, before you start doing any of the grind, you can just try opening any crates you have in your loot inventory. If you’re really lucky with your skin shard rerolls and boxes, you might just straight up open the skin out of a box and save yourself the trouble.

It’s extremely unlikely, but worth a try, right?

Complete daily missions

Every day a new mission will pop up and it’ll last for three days. If you complete all of these, you’ll get 325 tokens total, which is not enough for Prestige K/DA Akali. That brings us to our next step ...

Buy the Snowdown Showdown Pass

Yes, you will have to buy the pass if you want enough tokens for Akali. The pass is 1450 RP and it comes with a bonus of 150 Snow Tokens and a capsule to crack open for loot. The pass enables you to earn more tokens from just playing games.

Just like the Worlds pass, you can choose to buy your pass at the very end and you’ll get all the tokens you would have missed. The amount of tokens you can redeem will be shown in the missions tab, (but the notice won’t be as jarring or huge as it was during Worlds).

The pass will last until Jan. 7.

Play Summoner’s Rift, Nexus Blitz or ARAM games to earn tokens with the pass

You’ll earn 10 tokens per win and 5 per loss on Summoner’s Rift. Nexus Blitz and ARAM both reward six tokens per win and three per loss. You’ll also get 20 tokens from completing your first win of the day.

The amount of tokens you get is no longer reliant on your letter grade!

Get more tokens by buying bundles

While we don’t recommend this, you can get large amounts of tokens just from buying pricey loot bundles in the shop.

One bundle has a Snow Capsule and 40 tokens for 750 RP. Another bundle has 11 capsules, a Stocking Stuffer and a whopping 400 tokens ... for 7,500 RP.

Snow Capsules have three skin shards worth at least 975 RP in them. Stocking Stuffers have a 1350 RP skin, ward skin, emote and an icon — all permanent, which means you won’t have to spend orange essence to upgrade them. Snow Capsules also have a chance to drop Stocking Stuffers. (Confusing, we know.)

Buy Prestige K/DA Akali for 1,800 tokens

That’s a lot of tokens, but shes’ all yours if you get that far.

Riot Games