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Grandmaster and Iron ranks have been added in patch 8.24

Goodbye, Bronze V!

Riot Games

The two new ranks have been officially added to League of Legends, with Iron being below Bronze and Grandmaster being between Master and Challenger.

All Challenger players have been demoted to Master with zero LP. On Wednesday, Grandmaster will unlock and allow players to promote into the new tier. One week after that, Challenger will re-open for promotions. As of writing this, 984 players are sitting in Master tier, waiting to either promote into Grandmaster or spend their days in Master until the season resets.

Players who are ranking fresh accounts during preseason may notice that they end up in “the new Bronze,” Iron. Even pro players like CoreJJ and Dardoch have gotten their fresh accounts placed in Iron, despite their MMR being Platinum or Diamond tier. With new systems, come hiccups and strange issues, though these pros will likely make their way back to the top of the ladder with ease. Riot Support has noted that they’re investigating the issue, but new accounts will likely have to climb from Iron.

Players in the fifth division will also see that they’ve been bumped up to the fourth of their tier, since all of the fifth divisions were removed.

For any players ranking during the preseason, remember that where you end before season 9 starts will have an impact on your placed rank for next season. That means if you ended season 8 in Gold, but trolled during preseason and got demoted to Bronze, you’ll be placing from Bronze in season 9, not Gold.