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Another Dark Harvest nerf is coming according to Meddler

A big nerf is on the way, but Riot doesn’t want to go overboard just yet

Karthus stands with his staff glowing and his hands full of dark magical energy Riot Games

If you’ve been playing League this preseason, you likely already know just how dominant Dark Harvest has been. In fact, it’s probably on between four and eight champions in just about every game you’ve played, even after it was hotfixed on the day of the patch.

Thankfully, Riot is well aware of the issues with the rune and it’s working on a solution in the form of a nerf that should show up in patch 8.24. In fact, Riot design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon gave some insights as to what exactly those changes might look like in his Quick Gameplay Thoughts post for Nov. 28.

The first thing that will be changed is the rune’s base damage, from 40-80 (what it is on live right now) to 20-60, which should take down both it’s early game and overall power significantly. That’s the primary change that’s likely on the way in patch 8.24, however, Riot will also be looking at more changes in the future as well. Depending on how these initial nerfs change things, the rune could also trigger at 40 percent instead of 50, or lose its on-kill reset, which gives it a shorter cooldown on the rune’s effects if you participate in a kill. However, for now, the simple numbers nerf looks like it will have to do.

Just like all changes that haven’t made it to the game yet, this is entirely provisional and subject to change before the patch, but it’s at the very least a good indication of the direction Riot wants to take in balancing the rune.

Patch 8.24 is likely to launch sometime next week.