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Preseason 2019 warding changes: Trinkets now scale with average champion level

Let’s light it up! ... or not.

Riot Games

This preseason has brought about a good chunk of changes. While we’re not seeing a completely new rune system or plants, there’s still a handful of things that player should know about before they set off on the Rift, including changes to turrets and warding changes.

Players now can’t carry more than two Vision Wards at a time, lowered from three. While that change might not affect your solo queue games much, it’ll stop the higher elo players from really stacking up on crucial amounts of vision.

The other change coming through is a tweak to how long Warding Totems last. The simple warding trinkets you have normally last a differing amount of time depending on your level. At level 18, the ward would last longer than it would at level two. It’s simple enough. However, starting in patch 8.24, everyone’s wards will last according to the average level of all champions — even your enemies.

Prior to the preseason patch, teams that were ahead of the game got a higher edge with warding advantages. Riot Games is looking to even out the playing field by making vision rely less on individual champion levels, so snowballing compositions won’t snowball so hard.