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Neeko trailer shows the mage having fun

The Curious Chameleon can turn into other champions!

After what feels like forever, the new champion, Neeko, has been revealed in a gameplay trailer. While we always called her the “flower mage” based on characteristics we saw from hints in the past, she’s actually the Curious Chameleon.

Yes, that means she takes the form of other champions. We see this happen a bunch of times throughout the trailer. The colorful champion is first seen playing around with a frog, but moves out to help a friendly Ezreal against an enemy Lux by disguising as Ezreal.

It seems that she can also clone herself into two, even when disguised, so she’s about to be a tricky champion to play against.

We also get a first look at her release skin, which seems to be a Snowdown skin! It’s unknown if it’s a Winter Wonderland skin or perhaps a snowy skin by a different name, but we can tell for sure that it’s a snow-themed skin.

More details on Neeko should be coming soon.