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‘Flower mage’ champion teased in video

Did Darius just learn to appreciate nature or ... ?

Riot Games via Surrender@20

On Sunday morning, Riot Games post a video across their social media accounts, teasing what we believe to be the upcoming flower mage champion.

The video showed off several champions, though something seemed different about them. We saw Darius, Nunu and Ahri, in a beauitful watercolor painted style. Darius had a flower in his hair, Nunu had strange horn-like things and Ahri had a large colorful tail (among her other tails). Nunu’s slide also showed him standing with what is probably his original form. It seems like our new champion may be able to shapeshift into different champions.

We knew this champion was coming, as there was a teaser in client noted that the champion would be revealed on Nov. 19. She was also talked about in the last Champion Roadmap post, where there was a tease of rainbow flowers sitting atop a mysterious symbol.

We should be seeing this new champion’s full reveal soon, with a move to the Public Beta Environment for testing shortly after that.