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Nexus Blitz has an updated look and new events

Nexus Blitz is coming back to live servers in patch 8.24

Riot Games

Nexus Blitz, the beloved game mode being beta tested by Riot Games, is returning to the Public Beta Environment next week, and live servers shortly after. In its hiatus, the mode has been upgraded with some magical new models and graphical updates as well as some special in-mode events.

On the League of Legends boards, Riot Meddler posted a few new screenshots of the improvements coming to Nexus Blitz. The look of the base area has been reworked, and looks positively lovely. The walking Nexuses from the sudden death event also have new models, and look majestic and powerful.

As far as the map itself, there is now a miniature jungle between the two lanes that the development team is “trying out.” A new event in this update sets players up in a battle royale kind of situation, where teams of two or individual players go up against one another while the rest of the players in the game watch and cheer them on.

As far as rewards for this new event as well as others, the Poro King has arrived to help push down lanes efficiently. One of the other new rewards is the Battle Sled. This thing is essentially a Sion ultimate that any player can use. You and your allies can jump in together and charge down a lane until you crash into someone or something. This of course does some area damage, but also jumbles everyone riding in the sleigh, tossing them nearby in random directions.

These changes will hit live servers in patch 8.24. Meddler also requested feedback on the changes, as community input will help the team determine if or when they want Nexus Blitz to be a permanent addition to the League of Legends experience.