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Some players with Honor 0 or 1 can still get their ranked rewards with good behavior

Players who have gotten two-week suspensions are not included in this dela

Riot Games

The end of the League of Legends ranked season is here and all is well with the world. There are no more angry players just trying to hit Gold before the seasons ends to ruin your day. But for those players who earned rewards only to lose them to bad behavior, there is still some hope.

It may be too late to get anything other than coal from Santa Gragas this year, but Christmas can come again in February for those with good behavior. For players who ended the ranked season with one or even zero honor, you have until February to get your act together!

Any currently dishonorable players who raise their honor back up to two by Feb. 11 will receive all of the ranked rewards they earned over season 8. However, this only applies to players with minor infractions, like a temporary chat ban.

Any player who received a two week suspension for any reason will not be eligible for this — it only applies to chat restrictions. If you were banned for MMR boosting or any of the cardinal sins of League of Legends, you still won’t be getting rewards. Riot noted that, of course, perma-banned players will also not receive their rewards, although how you’d manage to check on the validity of that claim is beyond us.

Riot has stated that this is a one time leniency on their part, although it could affect how they decide to tweak the system next year.