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New versions of ranked visuals for 2019 season revealed

They’re still a work in progress, but they look pretty fresh

Riot Games

On Thursday, Riot SapMagic took to Twitter to show off the full set of new ranked emblems for the 2019 season. He notes that these are not the final versions of the emblems and that the team is taking feedback.

The biggest concern from players seems to be the lack of differentiation between the Iron, Silver and Platinum tiers, as well as the fairly desaturated colors in the lower tiers. SapMagic has responded to Twitter users expressing their color concerns, noting that he’s passing the information along to the art team.

Players in SapMagic’s replies have also been guessing the Runeterra regions that represent the different tiers. One Twitter user has cracked the code and figured out that the regions represent the following:

  • Bilgewater: Iron
  • Zaun: Bronze
  • Piltover: Silver
  • Shurima: Gold
  • Ionia: Platinum
  • Mount Targon: Diamond
  • The Void: Master
  • Noxus: Grandmaster
  • Demacia: Challenger

These are the perfect way to get players hyped for the new season and we can’t wait to see the emblems polished and finished.