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Bronze and Iron players are getting loading screen borders

Everyone gets a border

Riot Games

Season 8 is almost finished and that means we’re still getting a few previews of what’s changing next season. Today, that preview is all about ranked rewards.

While most of the ranked rewards are staying pretty similar to what they have been in the past, there are a few differences. For instance, next season rewards will be handed out based on position ranks which means the rewards will be split up a little more — but the post doesn’t have many details on that.

The one major change coming next season that we do get details on are ranked borders, which are coming to players of all ranks. Yep, next season even Iron and Bronze players will be receiving ranked borders so they can let people know where they stand during loading screens. The whole reason behind this change is that Riot wants to bring in a greater sense of personal progression to ranked, and showing off a loading screen border is a great way to help players feel like they have accomplished something, and to inspire them to reach for the next tier.

The post also showed a dim hint at what the new borders for season 9 will look like. They’re still a work in progress.

Riot Games

All these changes should be included when the full changes roll out for the preseason, sometime in the next few patches.