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Season 9’s champion select might preview which dragons will spawn

For now though, it’s just a forum post

The champion select lobby might be a little more informative next season by displaying which dragons will spawn in a game.

The idea first came to everyone’s attention thanks to a forum post by user Mafia LeBlanc. Mafia LeBlanc suggested that, in order to add more strategic depth to both the pick and ban phase and games as a whole, Riot should allow players to see which drakes will spawn and in what order. The post was first made on Oct. 23, but yesterday afternoon, Riot MapleNectar replied saying, “We’re talking about this, no decision made yet though.”

While it’s difficult to say if this change would have much of an impact on most people’s day-to-day solo queue games, it would certainly make a difference when it comes to competitive play. Players already center much of the early game around which dragons spawn and how important they are to get, so getting to choose the type of team comp, not to mention runes, would add a whole new depth of strategy.

More so than any other change in the preseason, players probably shouldn’t count on this one happening. As of right now, it’s just a good idea and a forum post letting us know that Riot is considering it.