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Riot details Karma’s upcoming kit update

A different kind of cooldown mage

Riot Games

In a post on the League of Legends forums, Riot NeuroCat detailed the upcoming gameplay update for Karma, our favorite support mage — not counting Soraka or Lulu or any of the other, currently better, support mages out there.

The post starts with a condemnation of what Karma currently is — boring — and how this new version will lead to unique gameplay aspects for the champion. Karma will now be able to cast her W on allies to significantly reduce their cooldowns. Karma will also have a unique visual indicator that will display her allies cooldowns for her.

The post comes with a bunch of other explanations for why new Karma is the way she is, but finishes off with the most important part: an outline for her new kit.

Passive - Gathering Fire

Kindled Spirit - When Karma deals damage to an enemy champ or large monster, Mantra’s cooldown is reduced by X seconds (to a cap of Y times over Z seconds).

Souls Alight - Karma can see her allies’ total basic ability cooldowns.

Q - Inner Flame

Functionally, the same as live

W - Spirit Bond

Ally Cast: Karma reduces target ally’s basic ability cooldowns by up to X seconds.

Mantra - Harmony: The cooldown reduction amount is increased by Y seconds. Karma restores Z% of the ally’s max mana.

Enemy Cast: Karma deals X damage to target enemy. If they don’t break the tether, they are dealt X damage and rooted for T seconds.

Mantra - Renewal: When this deals damage, Karma heals for Y% missing HP + Z% AP.

E - Inspire

Grants an ally movespeed and a shield.

Mantra - Defiance: Grants the target bonus shields. Other nearby allies split X% of the shield and movespeed between them.

R - Mantra

Functionally, the same as live

While we don’t have an exact date for when this new and improved version of Karma will become available, we know it won’t be until after the preseason update hits live servers later this year. Riot promised more updates on Karma as it gets closer to a PBE release.