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Patch 8.1 hits next week with nerfs to Zoe

Riot is already prepping serious Kleptomancy changes for 8.2 as well.

Riot Games

In his first “Quick Gameplay Thoughts” of 2018, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, League’s lead gameplay designer, spoke about some of the upcoming changes for the new season’s first patch.

Patch 8.1, which launches on either January 9 or 10, only has a handful of changes, since most of the patch had to be finished before the end of 2017. In addition to the stuff currently on the PBE, including the brilliant new Jax skin, 8.1 will carry some bug fixes and Zoe nerfs.

If you haven’t played the game over the holiday break, you probably didn’t notice the collective sigh of relief from the LoL community at the news of Zoe’s demise. While super fun and very cool, Zoe has been a pox upon all players for the last several weeks. Well, once 8.1 hits next week, Zoe should hopefully be a bit more fun to play against.

Toward the end of his post, Meddler also mentioned some possible changes headed to League in 8.2, presumably launching the week of January 22. First and foremost, Kleptomancy will be seeing a kind-of sizable nerf. Kleptomancy will be made a little tighter, bringing the lows of the useless items up and the highs of the useful items down. Sona will also be seeing some changes, as well as runes, items and a bunch of champions that have been too powerful or too bad over the past few weeks.

The holiday season is over, LCS is right around the corner and season 8 hits next week! Are you ready for LoL in 2018?