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Akali, Nunu will be getting reworks after Aatrox

At least we think that snowball means Nunu. I mean, it definitely has to be, right?

Riot Games

Riot Games posted their latest Champion Roadmap on the Nexus, teasing the next champion to come out (which will happen before we see Irelia’s rework) and what rework will be following Aatrox’s. Akali is next up for a full visual and gameplay update!

Riot notes that the rework won’t be a complete rebuild of her design, but will expand upon her character, similarly to how Gangplank’s rework did. The company is happy with her “ninja assassin” theme, but wants to execute it in a less generic way.

Riot Games

As more diverse champions with complex kits have released over the years, Akali’s kit seems to have aged like milk. She has a hard time laning against a ton of champions and tends to only do well if she is extremely fed. Hopefully these new changes will fix that.

Also included at the end of a sneak preview of who might be getting a rework after Akali and it looks like ... Nunu? The post notes that its “getting chilly for the Champions Team lately” with this image of what is definitely a snowball.

Seeing how we have at least one champion and two champion reworks coming before Akali and Nunu, we’ll be waiting for several months for further news on these changes, but it’s nice to know they’re coming.