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The next new champion will be a marksman similar to Vayne

It’s about time the bottom lane got another aggressive champion.

Riot Games

Riot gave us our first few hints about the next new champion in Wednesday’s Champion Roadmap, and it turns out they will be a marksman!

The last marksman champion released was just last year with Xayah, but Riot is well aware that the last several AD Carries have been lacking when it comes to high risk high reward plays. If that sounds a little weird for a marksman, that’s because it’s been a long time since one fit that play pattern. In fact, the champion that Riot compares the newest character to is Vayne who was released in 2011.

Riot was also kind enough to give us a description of just how aggressive this new Marksman is:

This new champion’s best players will go deep into enemy territory and thrive, while the weak players will perish, never to be heard from again.

There aren’t many other details to go on in the Champion Roadmap, but Riot was kind enough to give us this image to get the speculation started.

Riot Games

This new bottom lane champion should be released in just a few weeks after we have had a few weeks for Swain’s rework to settle down.