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Massive Rengar changes have hit the PBE

They’re changing Rengar ... again.

Riot Games

Unhappy with the knife kitty’s latest rework? So is Riot! And everyone else! Well, Riot has added a bunch of new changes to everyone’s favorite hunter and they’re all on the Public Beta Environment.

First, Rengar is getting some numbers changes across the board. His passive buff has been shifted and his leap distance has been cut in half. He has base stat changes, and changed AP ratios for his E and W.

His ultimate is also getting some much needed love. Each time he reveals someone by being closest to them, they will stay revealed regardless of how many others move in front of them. The bonus leap now also generates ferocity and shreds armor instead of criting. Rengar also moves faster during his ult and his detection radius has been tuned down.

You may notice that we haven’t talked at all about his Q. Well, that’s because it’s the star of the show. What makes it so cool you ask? Well, it’s the exact same as his old Q. That’s it. That’s the whole change. But this is, of course, very exciting for those of us that think Rengar was fun pre-changes. For those not in the know, Rengar’s Q is now an empowered auto attack. Activating it will reset his animation and cause his next attack to deal bonus damage. The empowered version also increases Rengar’s attack speed.

While all of this is very exciting for the poor Rengar mains out there, it seems that we may have to wait for them to hit live. According to Riot Jinxylord, Rengar’s target patch is 8.4. Here’s hoping he doesn’t slip and our knife cat comes home to us at last.