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Patch 8.2’s Nunu buffs, explained

From the worst jungler to the best in just one patch.

Riot Games

Patch 8.2 has only been here for a day and it’s already causing havoc in solo queue thanks to a fairly unassuming change to Nunu.

The patch gave Nunu a bit of a buff when it came to his Consume ability, which now gives him bonus magic damage on hit after he gains the Well Fed buff. But that change isn’t where the real issues come up.

W - Blood Boil

[NEW] MAGIC FINGERS :: Now additionally increases ability power by 40% (max increase: 40/60/80/100/120) on both targets.

So after the patch, Blood Boil gives targeted champions bonus attack speed, bonus movement speed, and bonus ability power, making it a one size fits all super buff. Worst of all, there are a few champions in the game that just so happen to be able to take advantage of every single one of those buffs. Like, Azir for instance.

In this clip from Reddit user DrBitterBlossom, Nunu and Azir do Baron in just 11 seconds, 22 minutes into the game, all with their team down 4,000 gold.

But it’s not just the combination of champions that he is playing with that makes Nunu strong. Before the patch, Nunu was one of the lowest win rate junglers hovering at around 48 percent. Just one day after the patch and Nunu has already risen to the top of the jungler charts, winning 54 percent of his games.

With the patch out for just over 24 hours it’s still too early to say if Riot will be forced to hotfix Nunu, or if this is just the new nightmare we live in now. The one thing we do know for sure: ban Nunu.