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Magical Footwear is going to be in the same rune line with Perfect Timing

You won’t be able to get free boots and a free Stopwatch anymore. You have to pick one.

Riot Games

On the Public Beta Environment, it seems that Magical Footwear has swapped places with Biscuit Delivery on the Inspiration rune tree.

This means that now you must choose between getting that early Stopwatch or getting the free boosted pair of boots (or choosing Hexflash, but that wasn’t really the issue here). Similarly, you will also be forced to choose between Biscuit Delivery, Future’s Market and Minion Dematerializer.

Getting a free Stopwatch and pair of boots was just too much free gold to players, and seeing how Stopwatch has been dominating games in both amateur and professional matches, it was time to force players to choose.


On top of that, the small discount of 50 gold to upgrade the Slightly Magical Boots to other boots has been removed. Stopwatch now also only contributes 250 gold to the items it builds into, instead of 300 gold. You’re paying full price now, buddy.

We stress that this change is on the PBE, which means it could be subject to change later. If this does move on to live servers, it should make it there in Patch 8.3 or so.