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Minions are now more aggressive and receptive of targeted spells

No more sending out free simple poke in lane.

Riot Games

Have you ever laned against a Pantheon and cried out in agony because he keeps sending those blasted Q spears at you and you can’t really do anything about it? That’s been patched now.

Minions will now target champions who damage other champions with targeted spells. This is a pretty big change to League of Legends and it’s going to change how you lane on a whole lot of champions. Here’s a list of champions and skills this changes, copy and pasted from patch notes:

AKALI Q - Mark of the Assassin & R - Shadow Dance

ALISTAR W - Headbutt

ANIVIA E - Frostbite

ANNIE Q - Disintegrate

BRAND E - Conflagration & R - Pyroclasm

CAITLYN R - Ace in the Hole


CHO’GATH R - Feast

DARIUS R - Noxian Guillotine

DIANA R - Lunar Rush

ELISE (HUMAN & SPIDER FORM) Q - Neurotoxin/Venomous Bite

EVELYNN E - Whiplash

FIDDLESTICKS W - Drain & E - Dark Wind

GAREN R - Demacian Justice

IRELIA E - Equilibrium Strike

JANNA W - Zephyr

JARVAN IV R - Cataclysm

JAX Q - Leap Strike

JAYCE (HAMMER FORM) Q - To The Skies & E - Thundering Blow

JHIN Q - Dancing Grenade

KARMA W - Focused Resolve

KASSADIN Q - Null Sphere

KATARINA Q - Bouncing Blade & E - Shunpo

KAYLE Q - Reckoning

KHA’ZIX Q - Taste Their Fear

LEBLANC Q - Shatter Orb

LEE SIN R - Dragon’s Rage

LISSANDRA R - Frozen Tomb

LULU ENEMY E - Help, Pix!

MALPHITE Q - Seismic Shard

MALZAHAR E - Malefic Visions & R - Nether Grasp

MAOKAI W - Twisted Advance

MORDEKAISER R - Children of the Grave

NAMI W - Ebb and Flow

NOCTURNE E - Unspeakable Horror & R - Paranoia (second cast)

NUNU E - Ice Blast

OLAF E - Reckless Swing

PANTHEON Q - Spear Shot & W - Aegis of Zeonia

POPPY E - Heroic Charge

QUINN E - Vault

REK’SAI E - Tunnel

RYZE W - Rune Prison & E - Spell Flux

SEJUANI E - Permafrost

SHACO E - Two-Shiv Poison

SINGED E - Fling

SKARNER R - Impale

SWAIN E - Torment

SYNDRA R - Unleashed Power

TALON Q - Noxian Diplomacy

TEEMO Q - Blinding Dart

TRISTANA R - Buster Shot

TRUNDLE R - Subjugate

VAYNE E - Condemn

VEIGAR R - Primordial Burst

VI R - Assault And Battery

VIKTOR Q - Siphon Power

VLADIMIR Q - Transfusion


WUKONG E - Nimbus Strike

XIN ZHAO E - Audacious Charge

YASUO E - Sweeping Blade & R - Last Breath

ITEM ACTIVES Bilgewater Cutlass, Blade of the Ruined King, and Hextech Gunblade Active


While this probably won’t change much for champions like Vi or Nocturne, this has a lot in store for people who play champions like Pantheon, Ryze, Kassadin and Leblanc. Trading in lane is going to be a bit harder, as you’re going to have to watch for minion aggro now as you send out the occasional Q to poke your enemy.

Riot noted that every other patch would contain bigger changes, and this is definitely one of them.