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Swain’s rework and kit teased with new video (update)

He still looks like a grumpy old man, even from behind.


UPDATE: League of Legends Germany’s Facebook page has released a teaser video showing Swain’s abilities in action.

Swain: Fähigkeiten-Übersicht

Posted by League of Legends - Germany on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Our favorite, weird old guy seems to be able to float around the map when he isn’t hobbling around. His very good bird Beatrice also appears to be missing. We should learn more about Swain and his rework in the coming hours.

Swain’s rework has finally been teased more via a video posted across the League of Legends social media accounts.

The video shows him menacingly standing over a balcony before he takes off using what seems to be his new crow-bird-form-thing.

The notable differences we see from Swain here are his red claws as well as a lack of a cane to help him walk!

On Wednesday, Reddit user tuhermanotuesday noticed an error with the Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao skin on the Public Beta Environment that might have been hinting that Swain will finally get his Dragon Master skin. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for this one. Could Swain be getting a flashy new skin with his rework? We hope so.

The teaser first released on the Chinese social media site Weibo and dropped across other regions after that. This is the first look at Swain’s rework aside from the image teased before, aside from the image we saw before in June 2017. Following his rework should be another look at Irelia and Aatrox, according to Riot’s champion update page.

We can expect to see more about Swain’s rework soon, with a potential Patch 8.3 release.