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New ‘Legend’ runes increase your power as the game goes longer

AD Carries just got a big late game buff!

For this week’s weekly rune drop, we were graced with the presence of technical game designer Riot Reinboom, who showed off some snowball runes. This post introduced a new rune slot titled “Legend.” These unique runes will help players grow their power as they kill champions, minions, monsters, etc.

Let’s take a look at the first rune shown off, Legend: Alacrity

Gain 5% attack speed plus an additional 3% for every Legend stack (max 5).

The other runes are Legend: Bloodline

Gain 1% life steal for every Legend stack (max 5).

and Legend: Tenacity

Gain 3% tenacity plus an additional 5% for every Legend stack (max 5).

If you are paying attention, you will notice that each of these runes gives a base stat as well as an opportunity to earn more through the “Legend” system. So what is this system and how do you get “Legend” stacks? By earning points of course!

Gain Legend stacks for every 30 points earned:

20 points for champion takedowns

20 points for epic monster takedowns

4 points for large monster kills

1 point for minion kills

These runes exist to fulfill a unique role in League of Legends. Rather than just granting you a chunk of stats at the beginning of a match, you will be able to gain more and more the better you perform. While this is capped at five total stacks (so that Vayne doesn’t become absolutely impossible late game), it provides incentive to snowball the game as well as an opportunity to do so.

As with all things Runes Reforged, these runes are subject to change completely before they release onto live servers this November.