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More quality of life changes are coming soon for game lobbies

These changes make me feel like a Poppy in a lollipop forest full of faces!

Riot Games

QA analyst Riot Chupaacabra popped onto the forums today to break some good news: you don’t have to re-invite games or re-pick roles after every match. In all seriousness, this has been a quality of life change that the community has been asking for for a long time.

Here is what all is changing.

  • The party leader can now change game modes WITHOUT making a new lobby and inviting the same people. It’ll now just change the game type for the lobby you’re already in! Amazing.
  • Party members can click “Play Again” and return to the lobby with everyone else. No need to re-invite people if you want to go all day. Stupendous.
  • If you stay logged in and keep playing the same game mode, the system will now remember your role preferences. Brilliant.

All of these changes are so good and will make full days of playing League go much smoother than they ever did before. These changes cannot hit live soon enough. There’s no formal announcement on when these changes will go live, but they’ll bit hitting the Public Beta Environment soon.