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1v1 and 2v2 Showdown mode coming to League in custom games

Settle your disagreements like real gamers — on the Howling Abyss.

Riot Games

After the begs and pleads of many players, Riot is officially adding their 1v1 Showdown mode to custom games, so you can duke it out against your buddies (or enemies, I guess). The mode will also accommodate 2v2s!

The Showdown game mode is different from your usual ARAM Howling Abyss game. First of all, you can back and buy items. The scoreboards will keep track of your minion kills and it will end the game after first blood occurs, a player gets 100 CS or when the first tower goes down. In order to win, you have to fufill one of those conditions!

Showdown first made it’s appearance during the Snowdown Showdown event in 2013. It has never reappeared since then, as the game mode was fairly unpopular in regular queues.

Since watching silly player 1v1s during the All-Stars tournaments, players have expressed a higher desire for the Showdown mode to return so they, too, can kill Froggen with his own snowball.

Note that this game is not being added as a normal queue type. This is for custom games only! Of course, you can set your custom game to be open and let random people join, but there won’t be any formal type of matchmaking for this game mode.

Assets for the Snowdown mode should be popping up on the Public Beta Environment soon to be tested before it makes it to the live servers.