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Watch Riot play a game with the new runes

Phreak also interviews Riot Wrekz and Meddler of the new system.

The Runes Reforged system is almost out. In fact, according to Riot’s preseason site, it will be dropped into our excitable hands on November 8. In honor of the full Runes Reforged information being released today, Riot has sat down with Riot Wrekz and Riot Meddler to chat with them about the little, rocky updates coming soon.

This is our first look at runes in action, aside from the small clips and gifs that Riot has shown us in the past. Hopefully this gives everyone a better idea of what type of runes you might take in certain situations, as well as how the whole system works.

In addition to chatting up the developers, this stream will also show off some highly anticipated Runes Reforged gameplay. Phreak and the crew also go over several different rune builds, each of which might be useful for your main champion. You can watch it via the Twitch live stream above or the VoD after it has ended.