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A majority of the new runes have been revealed

Preseason is just beyond the horizon.

With the official preseason splash page going up, there is now information on every new rune but one. (The Inspiration tree is missing one!)

The tool provided on the page lets you theory craft and build your rune trees out, giving you an idea of what you’ll be doing when November 8 hits.

The five categories listed are Precision, Domination, Sorcery, Resolve and Inspiration. Domination, Sorcery and Resolve are close in theme to the three branches of masteries we have now, though Precision and Inspiration are completely new.

From this, we can see that there’s really an endless number of rune combinations and all of them seem important. While you only get to pick one keystone rune, you get to pick three more for the main branch you choose and two for an additional branch of choice.

It’s important to note that these are all subject to change, as they still need to be tested. They should all be added to the Public Beta Environment soon.