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Season 8 preseason hits live servers on November 8

Riot unveils their full plans for next season

On Monday, Riot released their interactive site for preseason 2018. For those who haven’t been keeping up with all of the new runes and the new leveling system, this new site lays all of it out smoothly for you. Even better, Riot has announced that all of the new preseason changes will hit live servers on November 8. However, the official start date of the Season 8 ranked season has yet to be revealed.

The three sections of pre-season this year are “Discover New Runes,” “Create Your Playstyle” and “Level Beyond 30.” The new runes section details a massive amount of changes to the Runes Reforged system and shows off dozens of previously unseen runes. The leveling up section shows off some of the neat new things you get the more you play.

The “Create Your Playstyle” section is by far the most interesting and useful, as it gives you a chance to make your own makeshift rune build. Even better, it has almost all of the new runes there for you to play with. Clicking on one of the interactive trees will pull you into a menu and let you select the six runes you want to bring with you into game.

Other than the changes listed on the Season 8 preseason page, we can expect some sizable balance updates as well. As always, we can also expect a few more reworks and champions to be released before 2018 as well.