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Evelynn gameplay teaser shows us her kit in action

She’s still spiky, but now she’s also more shadowy.

A new teaser for Evelynn has appeared, showing us her in-game combat and model. She’s still the sexy, spiky succubus we knew before, but there seems to be some way cooler stuff added to her kit.

It looks like she has a charm, some kind of shadow form (that we kind of heard about before) and a neat aerial swipe. She also still seems to have her movement speed buff, tied in with the shadow form.

This makes her the third champion in the game that can charm other players, the first two being Ahri and Rakan. It fits the motif perfectly, so why not?

We don’t have the exact details of her kit, including what her abilities really do, but we can expect that information to pop up within a few days.

You can check out her new splash art here!

Evelynn will be released on Patch 7.20, and should be added to the Public Beta Environment this week.