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Evelynn’s new splash art is revealed, and it is salacious

We’re a little bit closer to seeing an all new Evelynn with this new splash art.

Riot Games

Riot Games has posted Evelynn’s splash art on their Instagram, and it reveals an even more sultry version of League’s Widowmaker.

One tentacle’s for stabbing, the other’s for posing.
Riot Games

Gone is the blue skin and pink BDSM apparel, replaced with white skin and hair, pink and black tentacles, and shadowy lingerie. Riot have spoken about female character design before, and insisted that we’d still have “sexy” female characters when that motif made sense for the champion. Evelynn seems to be living proof of that philosophy, as she now manage to be one of the most naked champions in the game. (Braum’s another contender.)

That being said, we’re more interested in those tentacles. They’re very goopy and ropey. Are they Void corrupted? Is Eve part Darkin? Does she just need to put her tentacles in the freezer for a while?

The previous teaser’s caption included the interesting term “Agony’s Embrace”, which is Eve’s current ultimate. It looks like the new Evelynn is still all about the embracing, as she’s giving this fallen noble a great big hug. He’ll be going up state, to a farm, where he can run and play with all of the other characters who show up in splash arts to immediately fall.

We’re still waiting for the full reveal of Evelynn’s in-game look and kit, but this splash art definitely whets the appetite.