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Ornn is doing much better after the Patch 7.18 changes

A deadly ram man is a happy ram man.

Riot Games

Ornn has been sitting in the 30 percent win rate club for a while, but he received quite an update to his skills in the last patch. Now he’s in a much better place.

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Ornn is now looking pretty average! Yay! He’s up to a 45.71 percent win rate in the top lane and 44.05 percent win rate in the jungle, so he’s doing way better and he’s out of that “new champion” slump.

While these changes are huge, he’s still not in the ideal place. He’s the worst jungler in Platinum or higher, with Nautilus above him at a 45.06 percent win rate. He’s also scraping the bottom of the top lane win rate list, just above Galio, Ryze and Volibear.

Many people did not like how bad Ornn was doing at first and didn’t want to play him based on poor performance they saw, but hopefully the recent buffs change that.

You can see all his changes from the last patch here.