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New video teases upcoming Evelynn rework

She’s looking as spicy as ever!


In a video posted by the League of Legends Phillipines Facebook account, we can get a sneak peek into what Evelynn is going to look like in her upcoming rework!

Be mesmerized once again by Agony's Embrace

Posted by League of Legends - Philippines on Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The caption on the video mentions Agony’s Embrace, which is her current ultimate! That’s definitely a reference to her older kit, though we’ll see how it changes soon.

It looks like her color scheme has shifted away from purple and blue to include more silvers and greys. Her hair also looks quite a bit more tame.

We definitely can’t assume too much based off this trailer, but she still seems to be the seductress that we know and love.

In a past Champion Roadmap, we got to see the gif below, giving us a hint that she probably still has some form of her iconic Hate Spike ability!

Riot Games

We’ve known about her upcoming rework for quite sometime and we know that she will have a “permastealth” ability and a “shadow form.”

We can most likely expect a full reveal later this week or early next week. Either way, we’re excited to see what Evelynn has transformed into.