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The new rune UI tracks your stats and keeps you informed

Information overload! But only if you want it.

This week’s Runes Corner developer blog is a little different. Instead of the weekly rune dump, experience designer Riot Sparkle showed up to show off some of the new user interface that is coming with the update this November. In order to keep you informed of what runes you have (because hey, forgetting is pretty easy when you have lots of rune pages), there will be an in game info box attached to your stats.

Riot Games

Folks who have been paying very close attention to our “every rune in the history of new League of Legends runes” rune page will notice that not all of the stats for each rune shows up (some runes have more than one). Luckily, Riot Sparkle and the team has thought about this issue and allows you to hover over the icons for extra clarity, displaying more information than you could ever possibly want.

Riot Games

If you are trying to learn which runes work best for you on a specific champ, you will also have a lot of information to delve into once the game is finished. Riot Sparkle shared a very work in progress look into the end game rune page.

Once you finish a match, you will be able to tab over to “runes” and learn how each little rock helped you that game. This should help you determine how useful your rune drafting was and if you want to keep using them.

Riot Games

All of these images are work in progress, if you couldn’t tell by the giant logo. However, for those of us (myself included) who were worried about clarity for runes, this should soothe the mind a little bit.

The only big question left when it comes to runes is how easy will it be to tell what an opponent has?