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Honor capsules will now drop more frequently

Thank Bard.

Riot Games

After complaints that special Honor Capsule loot boxes weren’t dropping frequently enough, Riot has buffed the drop rate! Yay!

These are the new ways capsules drop:

You have a chance to earn an Honor Capsule with every key fragment drop.

Your chances for getting an Honor Capsule double each week as you play games.

You’re guaranteed an Honor Capsule within two months.

Your drop rate resets after getting a capsule.

You can only earn one capsule every three weeks.

As a refresher, remember that you can’t get Honor Capsules unless you’re at least honor level three. You also won’t be getting an Honor Capsules if you’re a bad baby with chat restrictions and other penalties.

Honor Capsules will always give a handful of Hextech Key Fragments, and will sometimes give you champion shards. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a skin shard for the exclusive Grey Warwick or Medieval Twitch skin.

This update is live now, so you should be getting an Honor Capsule soon if you haven’t gotten one in the last three weeks.