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Champion select will let you organize your champions by mastery and favorites

For those who just own too many champions.


The latest of Riot’s quality of life changes to League of Legends includes the feature to organize your champions by name, mastery level and by favorites, which is a group you add them to.

This new feature is on the Public Beta Environment now, though there’s only the drop down that lets your sort the champs in champion select. There is no way to add champions to your favorites yet.

This means that when the time comes, you’ll be able to have all your beloved champions in one place. No more scrolling through over 130 different champions until you find Talon. Did Ornn just come out? Set him as your favorite and then insta-click him in your normal blind pick game. The possibilities are endless.

Riot hasn’t said anything about this new update yet, but it speaks for itself. It’s one of those things players have been asking for, just like the the ability to view all your skins in the League client.