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The Blue Essence shop: exclusive loot and prices

Get away with lots of loot!

With the upcoming change from Influence Points (otherwise known as IP) to Blue Essence, there will be a shop opening after the update for veteran players to spend all their beloved currency.

We got a sneak peek of the shop and the prices in the Riot Pls video before, but we now have confirmed loot and prices for you here.

The mystery boxes for icons, ward skins and champions will always give you something you don’t already own, too! Lucky!

Mystery Icon Box - 1,500 BE

Chromas - 2,000 BE

This chroma sale is only going to have chromas that have been available for at least six months.

“Mystery Mini” Icons Box - 2,500 BE


These icons are exclusive to the BE store.

Mystery Champions - 3,950 BE

Mystery ward skin box - 4,900 BE

Essence Collector ward skin - 6,000 BE

This ward skin is exclusive to the BE store.

“Make it Rain” Emote - 50,000 BE

This is yet another exclusive to the BE store.

“Money Bags” Emote - 75,000 BE

Gemstones - 50,000 - 100,000 BE

Up to three gemstones per player will be able to be purchased. The first will cost 50,000 BE, the second costing 75,000 and the third costing 100,000 BE. Ouch, but it’s a small price to pay if you’re a rare skin collector.

Urfwick - 150,000 BE

The exclusive Urfwick skin will be available again for a limited time for a LOT of Blue Essence. Start saving now, I guess. This version of Urfwick will be slightly modified, just like Championship Riven’s rereleased version.

We don’t know what the emote looks like yet, but we can probably expect it to pop up on the Public Beta Environment sooner than later for testing.

Riot says that they plan on bringing back the special BE shop at least once a year, though there’s no word on what the shop will hold when it returns. The company does guarantee that the exclusive stuff, like the “make it rain” emote will come back, though.