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League is getting rid of its level cap in preseason

Well. We didn’t see this one coming.

In the latest installment of Riot Pls, lead producer Riot NEW001 talked about some huge changes coming in the preseason. We already know about the runes rework, but he also mentioned that League will no longer have a level cap.

Players will now level up past 30 and get rewards that scale with their level. Every time you level, you will receive a capsule filled with champion shards and blue essence (which is replacing IP).

You will no longer get rewards after each game. You’ll only get Blue Essence after you level, via the special capsules! At milestone levels, like 50, 75, etc., you will get some exclusive rewards that represent your level. At really high levels, you might even cop a gemstone!

Leveling will slow down as you go, but it will stop doing so once you hit level 150. First win of the day bonuses will give double experience to level. According to Riot, if you play two games a day and win (using that bonus) each time, it’ll only take about 10 games to level up post level 150.

Leveling capsules will contained a balanced amount of goods. If you get an Ashe Champion Shard (which is worth very little BE), you will also get some other goodies to help balance it out. You can and will get multiple champion shards per capsule on occasion.

You will not get rewards for being level 30 already, or any extra experience to make up for past games. You already got rewards from levels 1 - 30 with IP! Since that IP carries over, you won’t be compensated with any extra capsules or things like that.

Levels were kind of obsolete in League past the early levels, seeing how they had no influence on your games later, other than unlocking ranked at level 30 (which is still the case). Now you’ll be rewarded and people will easily be able to tell what a boss you are at the game. Kind of.

League is far from the first to use this system, which we see similarly in Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. Though the capsule rewards from leveling won’t grant skin shards, it’ll be nice to have some extra Blue Essence for the incoming changes.