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What Ornn’s item upgrades actually do

A guide to his unique passive, in less than 800 words.

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Ornn’s passive is easily his most interesting mechanic, but it does require some extra explaining. The passive is named after Ornn himself, Living Forge, and it allows him to build items anywhere on the map, no matter where he is or what he is doing.

Check out our full Ornn guide here, but here’s how this unique mechanic works:

At all times, Ornn has a little listing of items above the right side of his UI. This is essentially his suggested items page. Clicking any of those items will cause Ornn to stop moving and get to work. However, you are not restricted to just working on suggested items. If you open to shop menu, you can “forge” any item that you have the gold for (as long as it isn’t a potion or consumable).

Just like at the shop, the game checks your gold values and then takes it away when you build something. It is exactly like buying at the fountain, but you don’t buy instantly and you can do it anywhere at any time.

What do Ornn’s upgrades look like?

If Ornn is your ally, you have the luxury of upgrading your items to a higher quality. While that sounds fancy and complicated, it is neither. It is however, pretty cool. When you upgrade an item it gets no new effects, however it does gain additional stats, which is great if your game is going into the late game.

Here are what all the items look like upgraded:


  • 70 AD -> 100 AD


  • 250 HP -> 350 HP
  • 250 mana -> 350 mana
  • 25 AD -> 35 AD
  • 40 percent attack speed -> 50 percent attack speed
  • 5 percent move speed -> 8 percent move speed


  • 350 HP -> 550 HP
  • 55 MR -> 90 MR


  • 120 AP -> 175 AP


  • 400 HP -> 550 HP
  • 40 AD -> 60 AD


  • 425 HP -> 625 HP
  • 60 armor -> 90 armor


  • 200 HP -> 300 HP
  • 50 percent base HP regen -> 150 percent base HP regen
  • 150 percent base mana regen -> 200 percent base mana regen


  • 30 armor -> 50 armor
  • 60 MR -> 75 MR

What does all of this mean?

Well for starters, having Ornn on your team is a huge advantage, but only in games that last until you cap yourself on gold. Fortunately for Ornn, the tank meta that we are currently in will provide you an opportunity to take advantage of these new upgradable items.

For Ornn himself, this means something far grander than upgradeable items. Ornn is able to build anywhere at anytime, meaning as long as he stays healthy, he can stay top for the entire game. What is perhaps the best part about this ability is actually how much it will help Ornn makes trades.

If you are playing top, how often do you just back for the ruby crystal and then back again for Bami’s cinder, etc. Not very often. Instead, you come back when you have enough gold to buy a few pieces. Ornn doesn’t have to do that, as soon as he gets the gold, he gets the power. It is important to remember that gold doesn’t actually do anything for you sitting in your pockets, you have to spend it to find the value. Ornn can shop more frequently and with no farm punishment, so you will always be several buys up on your laner.

Similarly, consider an Ornn who is making his way in the jungle. Picking up a Hunter’s Potion, which grants you another charge each time you kill a camp, will keep Ornn very healthy in the opening parts of the game. Ornn can stay out forever, meaning that he can gank and farm without working about losing one of the other baring a tragedy, Ornn can stay in the jungle to recover and run out into the enemy to attack. No matter where Ornn earns his gold, he is always has a new way to use it. You can get a successful gank off bot and build yourself a new item on your way to Dragon.

Ornn is efficient with his time and he provides you an opportunity to do the same.