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Emotes are coming to League of Legends soon

Time to taunt your enemies!

Riot Games

In-game emotes are permanently coming to League soon! Riot announced the fun addition to the game in a /dev diary post on Tuesday.

Emotes have been in the game for a little while already during special events, like Snowdown Showdown or special esports events. Normally, they appear using the same key binding you use for your mastery emote and after the event is over, they’re gone.

Riot Games

You’ll be able to bind the emotes to a wheel, similarly to how pings are set up, so you can have up to use five emotes whenever you want!

Riot is making sure the emotes are fun and are for communicating feelings, rather than tasks. There will also be built-in cooldowns and precautions so you can’t spam emotes during fights. If you take damage after flashing the emote, the emote will immediately go away, instead of staying around for the last few seconds.

While a lot of players might use emotes to be BM, Riot is making sure that it stays friendly. If somebody is trying to tilt you too hard or is doing too much with emotes, you can mute them.

A lot of other games have emotes with Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch and Dota 2 immediately coming to mind, and we’re excited to see League join that crew! Emotes were added to the Public Beta Environment and should be able to be tested soon. Riot has stated that emotes will be launched in the live servers by the end of the year.