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Less than a year after her rework, LeBlanc is getting another update

LeBlanc is coming back along with Azir and Udyr!

Lead game designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon popped onto a Dev Corner to chat a bit about smaller update timing. He also sent out the call for folks in the community to sound off on what types of personalities they would like to see in the future.

As far as the champions that will be getting small reworks, Meddler mentioned Udyr (who has had changes on the Public Beta Environment recently), Azir and LeBlanc. A LB update in the works is certainly news to all of us, and exciting news at that. She last saw massive changes during the preseason assassin rework, but clearly it wasn’t enough. It looks like we will be getting a brand new, mini-update to LeBlanc in the coming months.

In the post, Meddler listed the timing for the small reworks as Udyr, then Azir and finishing off with LeBlanc. We are still a ways off and all we have to work off of is speculation. So, how would you like to see LB change in the future? Do you think she needs more than just a minor update?